Housing Assistance Nonprofit Donation Campaign in Los Angeles County, CA

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  • We Accept All Kinds of Donations

  • Cash Donations Through PayPal

  • Planned Giving

  • Real Estate Donations

  • All real property donations are warmly accepted.

  • We are good at working out mutually beneficial,

government and IRS-approved donation formulas. Please call us and we will find out which donation formulas fit your situation.

  • Automobile, Food, and Other Personal Property

  • Stocks and Bonds

  • Gift of Insurance Benefits

  • Do you want to volunteer to promote affordable housing?

  • Do you have some skills and ideas you want to share with us?

  • Do you want to EXIT your current 1031 Exchange with less headaches?

Please use our PPP (Public-Private Partnership) strategy to get out with little to no taxes.
It is your money; you keep it!

  • IRS Section 170 BARGAIN SALE

(Part Sale, Part Donation)

This program allows a donor/seller to sell a portion of their real estate, say 70 percent, for example, to FamilyCare for cash. At the same time, same escrow, the donor/seller will donate the remaining 30% to FamilyCare. (All sale-donation percentages are negotiable).

  • The IRS and most States in the nation will allow Charitable Tax Deductions for the donor to deduct that 30% gift from their future taxes until all their allowable deductions are done. Donor/seller will have one to six years to reclaim all their gift.